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Welcome to Seton House of Prayer. We hope your stay will be blessed with God’s Peace, Joy and Tranquility.

There is a Bible provided in your room for your use and there is a lending library in Emmett Hall.

It would be appreciated if lights are turned off and windows closed (winter time) when you are not in your room.


Meals in the main dining room

BREAKFAST: 8:00 am

LUNCH: 12:00 Noon

DINNER: 5:00 pm

Please note, No food is allowed in your private rooms.

Meal time adjustments may be made for your group.

The Chapel: Is available for your use. A key will be found inside the front door of Emmett Hall.

Swimming pool: Is available for your use by arrangement with the Staff until 10 pm.

Phone: A phone is provided in the library for local calls or calling cards. If you have a cell phone,

please be considerate of those on silent retreat. Do not have the ringer on and do not carry on conversations that can be heard by others.

Wandering about: We hope you will enjoy our facilities and grounds. If you leave the property by yourself, please inform one of the staff members. 

After 10:00 pm: Outside doors to the buildings will be locked. If you are planning to be off the property after that time, please ask a staff member for a key to the front doors.

Vacating time: Is 12:00 noon. Linens only (sheets, towels and bath mat) are to put in the baskets provided by 9 am. Please pull the spread neatly over the mattress and pillow and fold blankets.

When you leave: PLEASE take all your belongings.

Leave the key on the desk in your room.

The security person lives in the mobile home beside Emmett Hall.

IN CASE OF AN EMERGENCY PLEASE CALL:  (Fr. Marcel) 250-869-8699

We are grateful for your cooperation.

Thank you